During This Time Of Change.

A lot has changed within this year. Everything i dreamed and worked so hard throughout the years seemed to slowly be working out. I always said “I’d do anything to be able to make a difference.” I always wanted to inspire people, Whether that be through my music or connecting on another level. I got the opportunity to move thousands of miles away from my friends and family to do what i love and further my career. Of course i was so excited and beyond thankful to be able to have this opportunity but, Like anyone else i was terrified. All these thoughts kept running through my head. That I didn’t know anyone, what if i mess up, or what if i’m not good enough. It seemed like i was almost there, almost close enough to touch my dreams. I use to think i’d never get close enough and now i’m almost there. So why was i letting “Fear” get in the way. Why was i so scared of this change? I felt so safe in Nashville, it was always my happy place. But, i wanted to be so much more than what i was. I needed to grow, i needed to find myself on my own. I had to take risk. Maybe I’d crash and burn or maybe I’d actually make it. That was a chance i really needed.

Someone once said to me “You need to truly fall in love with Jesus during this time of change” and that changed my whole outlook. I’ve seen God work in amazing ways, through the years and through all the storms I’ve been in. So no matter how messed up your life looks right now or no matter how pieces your heart might be broken into. Jesus is more than the pain you’re feeling. He is your Hope, Love, and Safety. They say home is where the heart is But, my heart is wild and free searching for a purpose. During this change i want to grow. I want to remain humble and thankful. I pray i grow wiser in my song writing and i’m able to connect with more of you. Through this journey I’ve been writing lots of songs and working on a new album i can’t wait to share.

I wouldn’t be where i am today without everyone buying my music and supporting me. The love I’ve been given by so many people is amazing and i appreciate all of you guys so much.

-Raquel Rae