Real Talk.

You know when you’re out with your friends shopping or going out to eat but, you’re just not feeling like yourself. Maybe you’re feeling bad about yourself, you’re not feeling pretty or just having an off day? we’ve all been there. It’s the things we don’t say out loud that need to be said. We hide away in fear that we might make situation awkward or might upset someone. Honestly, I have moments I don’t like myself very much. I wish my hair was longer, I was skinner and taller. I have a bad habit of running away from problems and hiding. My anxiety takes over and I shut everyone out. If my friends ask me to go out I quickly come up with some insane excuse why I need to stay home. In fear someone might not like me or something may go wrong. Sounds crazy right? People always tell me I’m over reacting. Not everyone is always going to like you, no matter how great of a person you are. You need to learn to love yourself enough to know it’s okay if no one else likes you. I’ve noticed a lot of people joking about “looking like trash” or making fun of themselves and laughing about it. But, there’s truth in every joke. That’s the thing, no matter what we have we will always be wanting something else. That’s the important thing about being honest especially with yourself. God, made you for a reason. Every single imperfection was made perfect in his eyes.

In no way do I have my life figured out. I’m slowly walking through life trusting God in everything I do. Everyday slowly learning to love the things about myself I don’t like. Every single part of me makes me who I am. That’s my power, that’s what makes me different. That’s what makes you different. You are a light to this world. You are perfectly imperfect. You’re worth more than body shaming, more than low self- esteem. You are rare and no matter what you’re feeling you’re a blessing.

I encourage you to read these words and begin the journey to love yourself. Be free in who you are. Be a light. Express how you’re feeling, No more negative thoughts. Let’s start “Real Talk” about what matters. Because YOU MATTER.

“Though the mountain may crumble, you will not.” – Isaiah 54:10

-Raquel Rae.