My new song “Run” is finally out!!

I’m so excited, i can’t believe i’m finally able to share this with you. I wanted to personally share with all of you why i wrote my new single “Run”. While writing this song i wanted to share the honesty and the real rough part about letting go on toxic people. 2018 was a rough year mentally, a lot changed. I feel it’s so important to go through bad times to grow and that’s what happen to me. We all have toxic people in our lives but, sometimes we forget we have toxic habits too. No one is perfect. But, why is it that we keep someone in our life if all they do is cause pain? You can’t change someone and you can’t make someone treat you with the respect you deserve.

When i sat down and picked up my guitar to write this song. I asked myself “If i could do one thing right now what would i do?” quickly i thought ” I’d run from everything”. In that moment i wanted a new start, i didn’t want to feel like i was stuck anymore. I wanted to let go of everyone who ever hurt me. I just wanted to move forward. In one line it says “You always told me i was a little to much, that you couldn’t handle my kinda love” those words are 100% the truth about being in an unhealthy relationship. You are never to much for the right person. You’re always enough.

I really appreciate everyone checking out my new single “Run”. I hope you guys can relate to this song and it helps you when you’re going through tough times.

Thank You!
-Raquel Rae