Upcoming tour dates have finally been released!! 🙂

I’m so excited for 2019 there’s so many new things going on and so many opportunities i can’t wait to share with all of you. Throughout the years you have all been so unbelievable supportive of me and my music. That means the world to me. To see the new upcoming shows make sure to check out the “Tour Dates” tab on my website. I would to see you all at a show!!

A question i get asked very often is ” How do i do it?” If i’m being honest, i ask myself that question everyday too. I’m currently a full-time college student, signed to a talent agency, Currently in rehearsal for a upcoming play, writing new music and now i’m about to kick off the start of my tour. That’s a lot to handle but, something I’ve learned is if you really love what you’re doing and only strive to be better. You’ll never get tired of what you’re doing. It will never become to much or something you can’t get through with a little faith. When i’m performing for you guys or reading the comments about new songs or music videos i released it makes everything fall into place. The reason i started and why i try to be better and become something bigger than who i am all means something. Making a difference through music, acting or even having a conversation with some of you on social media is a blessing.

-Raquel Rae