Seek Courage.

Have you ever worked so hard for something but, ended up not getting it? Practiced endlessly and made sacrifices only so you could have that one opportunity but, someone else got it. It broke you heart when you didn’t get it, didn’t it? Whether it was a new job or a part in a play, when you didn’t get it you felt discouraged. It made you question if you were good enough. It made you question why you weren’t good enough. Have you ever stopped and thought maybe you didn’t get it because God is working on something better for you? I’ve always heard you have to deal with challenges to reach the destination you’ve been reaching for. Take a moment and ask yourself “if it’s easy, is it worth it?”. Always push yourself and take everything with an open mind. It’ll help you understand a situation better instead of being down and angry about the outcome. Learn to adjust.

Being concerned of what others think of you is a big mistake. It puts limits on you and lowers your self-esteem. Allowing yourself to be bothered by a situation. Here’s a story from personal experience, I’ve missed amazing chances by playing it safe. I was so concerned of what others thought of me. What would happen if i messed up or what would my friends say? I had hundreds of thoughts running through my mind and it made me sheltered and feel paralyzed by an unnecessary problem. About a year ago i was praying for a change, i wanted to grow closer to the Lord. I wanted to stop playing it so safe. I wanted to experience life and become a better songwriter/performer. I prayed for weeks, i had no idea what to do but i know i needed to do something. One afternoon i was in Nashville going to a songwriting session. As i was walking down music row a older man stopped me. He asked me why i was going so fast and if i was okay. In a big city of course you get strangers talking to you all the time but, not like this. This guy was a normal he was wearing a suit, looked like he just got out of meeting. I told him i was fine but, i was late for my writing session. I tried to rush off and he stopped me again. At the moment i stopped again it felt different. It felt like i was suppose to stop and talk to him. I turned and looked at him, he said to me “Calm down, things happen for a reason. don’t ever take an opportunity for granted”. I was confused at first about why he said that to me but, i told him thank you and ran into my writing session 15 mins late.

I couldn’t get what he said to me out of my head. I thought it was strange and so direct. I was distracted the whole time i was in the session about the incident. Later that night i got an email from an agency in Dallas, TX to move there and work with other writers and artist. My first thought was “No way, i’m not moving 1,000 miles away. It’s never happening.” I let a few days pass and kept thinking of what the man said to me. “Don’t ever take an opportunity for granted”. I felt like that was said for a reason. Maybe it was said for this one chance because, God knows i would’ve said no. Even though it was my dream i let fear and being discouraged about failing take over. I knew this is what I’ve been praying for and now i had to follow through because the Lord was hearing my cries. I had to jump in. Without fear, without concern or being discouraged. I had to be brave.

We often pray to God for new opportunities and big dreams but, we fail to meet him half way. You must face the darkness to find a light brighter than yourself. The darkness is the scariest but, it’s right before God is about to change everything. All you want is the opportunity to do something special and make a difference. You’re stressed and you’re second guessing if what you’re going through is worth it but, i promise you it is. Keep trying. You never fail until you stop trying. Seek the courage you need to find the next step to carry on. Set goals for yourself and follow through. Don’t accept less and don’t settle. I encourage you to seek courage. Say yes to new opportunities and take chances. Become the person you’ve always wanted to be. Don’t let others determine your future and your mindset. It’s so important to realize everything happens for a reason. There’s a lesson in everything and something beneficial is bound to come out of a difficult experience.

Seek new opportunities.
Seek the Lord.
Seek Courage.

-Raquel Rae

Raquel - Singer/Songwriter from Southern Illinois