What It Means To Be A Christian.

I always hear talk about what it means to be a Christian. How you’re suppose to act, what you need to do, how to talk and dress. Its like Christians are held to a different level of living because we’re suppose to live by the word of the bible. That’s true to a certain extent. I want to speak honestly about this topic but, i don’t want to offend anyone. We all have our opinions and expectations for how we choose to live. We are told to “love our neighbors as ourselves”. 1 John 2:6 says “whoever claims to live in him must live as Jesus did” but you see that’s impossible for any human to fully do. Jesus is so perfect. He is absolutely selfless. He created the heavens and earth without any concern over himself. He gave up his one and only son for sinners like us. That’s incredible. The story and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ is a miracle.

Jesus said that we can begin such a special relationship with God by committing ourselves to follow him. Millions of people today have discovered a relationship with God in this way. Whenever anyone expresses that kind of attitude to God, asking Jesus to come into their life they can be sure he will. Because Jesus promised to do just that and, as God, he would never break a promise. Following Jesus makes a person a Christian, a member of the worldwide family of Jesus Christ; a family committed to helping each other make a real difference in the world. I believe what it means to be a christian is not about keeping rules or regulations, performing rituals or even going to church every Sunday. I think it’s about having a trusting relationship with Jesus Christ. Following his word and trying are best to do good and live as he did. It means to love with a pure love, the love of God.

What you wear and how you look shouldn’t be affected by being a “christian”. You’re beliefs come from your own thoughts, it comes from your heart. You’re beliefs show in your actions towards others. Us as Christians shouldn’t judge others as God did not judge us. We are naturally sinners, we’re human but praying for forgiveness over your mistakes sets your mind free. I am a Christian, i love the Lord and i love spreading his word and love with others. Something I’ve personally ran into, is other Christians judging another over appearances. Wearing a dress that might be a little to short, wearing to much makeup or even having tattoos. 1 Samuel 16:7 says “For man looks at the outward appearance. but the Lord looks at the heart.” What’s on the inside is what matters most. Don’t let your judgement of appearance affect sharing the peace and love of God. You are no better than the poor man and you are no better than struggling. We should all come together united.

Welcome the broken into your life. Open your arms wide to the struggling. Have understanding for the confused. Share unconditional love.

When i see that cross, i see freedom. +

-Raquel Rae.

Raquel - Singer/Songwriter from Southern Illinois