College Students

Feeling overwhelmed by life?

Stressing over school and wondering how you’re going to pay your bills. Staying up all night studying, doing homework and barley making it by. After spending all day in class already being exhausted most of us have to spend our afternoons at work or at rehearsals and practice for the college on top of that having 6 hours of homework to get done. The average college student gets less than 6 hours of sleep and most students are sleep deprived due the the amount of activities we are given.

College is hard and extremely stressful. The first week of school I had two chapter History test, 4 pages of Math homework plus a quiz, an English reading assignment and a theater project. All within the first week of school and i’m not being dramatic. It’s hard to remain focus on your main long-term goal when you hardly get a free minute to breathe and think for yourself.

While you’re reading this blog post i want you to take a minute and think of who you want to be and how you’re taking those steps to become that person. College isn’t forever and i promise one day once you pass all your classes and earn that degree it’ll all be worth it. Think of how bad you want to get it over with and to be able to say you finally made it. I joke all the time “I’m going to drop out of college.” Does anyone else feel that way sometimes? For a second think if you really did that. In the long run would it make things better for you? Yeah, for a moment you wouldn’t be stressing and maybe you’d be rested and happy. You’re friends would still be in school though and you’d have to set a different plan for your life. Don’t give up yet.

I encourage you to give this semester everything you got. Work towards getting amazing grades and don’t become discouraged by some set backs along the way. Become involved within your school. Go to sporting events, become apart of a study groups or volunteer around your community. Believe it or not one day you might miss being a college student. Keep your faith strong throughout this journey and don’t lose sight of who you are.



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