Girl, You Deserve Love.

You’re worth more than being in a toxic relationship. You deserve kindness, patients, and unconditional love. You should never stay up all night and wonder why you weren’t good enough. It takes a real man to love a women with the grace of God. There’s a huge difference between “lust” and “love” don’t get them confused. Lust is only temporary and it’s a momentary feeling that most ¬†feel in the start of a relationship. Love is an intense affection. It isn’t conditional, rude or evil in anyway. Regardless of the situation a loved one supports and cares for you without bringing you down.

Many people struggle with realizing they deserve love and can have a healthy relationship. A relationship isn’t about greed or selfishness. It’s about acceptance and strength. Nearly 1.5 million high school students nationwide experience unhealthy or abusive relationships. Understanding you’re enough and breaking free is the toughest part. You are not alone, many people have gone through what you’re feeling now. Break ups are common and very hard to get through. The worst part about being in a terrible relationship is losing yourself in the process. Losing your confidence and your happiness. The majority of us rather stay in a bad relationship than deal with the heartbreak. You don’t deserve that. The best lesson is learning the good in goodbye.

You deserve someone who gives out their affection and attention freely without you feeling like you have to beg for it. You deserve someone who loves you. Someone who would share their love for you to the world. You deserve someone who see’s all your flaws and everything you hate about yourself but, still loves you anyway. Questioning your relationship and feeling like everything is your fault isn’t the way it should be. You should feel happy, joyful, and loved. Take the steps to do what right for you. The start is always tough but, there’s light at the end of the journey.


You are enough.

You are beautiful.

It’s okay to struggle.

You deserve love.


  • Raquel - Singer/Songwriter from Southern Illinois