Reason For The Set Back.

We all search for an answer for all the bad things that happen. We all search for the “Why” in difficult situations. The hardest part about life, there’s not always a “why”. Sometimes bad things happen to good people and we can’t seem to understand it. Why do the giving end up broke and the greedy end up with wealth. Why do the kind get taken for granted and the bitter get left alone? Aren’t we all suppose to be good caring people? If so, then why are the good suffering the most? Those are all questions i tend to ask myself often. Growing up my mom use to always say “hard work pays off eventually” but it’s easy to get upset when it doesn’t happen when we think it should and we are left wondering what we’re doing wrong. Trying to be patient and understand God’s timing can be an impossible task. It can be so frustrating when you’re trying so hard but it still doesn’t to work out. Just because you haven’t made it yet doesn’t mean you never will. Understanding who you are and the season of life you’re currently in cast peace upon your soul.

We’ve all wanted something really bad that we never got. Looking back wasn’t it better in the long run you never got what you were praying for? Looking at the bigger picture is something most of us don’t take the time to do. We get busy and only take a second to realize the now. Honestly, how you’re feeling now won’t matter in a year or even in six months. Gods plan is much bigger than you and i. It’s oceans, mountains and resurrection. It’s the earth moving and the sun setting. We’re only a small little part of Gods masterpiece. Asking to trust the unknown is hard to hold onto but, you have to believe in something. Why not believe in the extraordinary?

You have a place in the world that fits you perfectly but you can’t force Gods timing. The job you lost, the breakup you had and the stress you’re under will all work out within time. This season of life you’re in is confusing and frustrating but there’s beauty coming. There’s grace and an unbelievable love coming to you when it’s right. The setbacks you’re facing is part of your path making you who you are. The more you take moments to pray you’ll start realizing God is with us and you’ll begin feeling his presence. He will not allow us to fail. Walk freely in the Lord. Thank God for every single set back and every single sorrow. Dream big and believe your path is greater than any explanation.

“And i myself will be a wall of fire around her; declares the Lord, and i will be the glory in the midst of her.” // Zechariah 2:5




Raquel - Singer/Songwriter