There’s No Rushing God’s Plan.

It’s Wednesday. Your hair is a mess, you’re running late and you’re exhausted. All you can think about is everything you have to get done and how there’s not enough time in a day to keep up. You feel stressed all the time and wonder if you’re living your life the way you were suppose to. There’s no denying life gets overwhelming. We all want to be successful and good at what we do but, It’s okay not to have it together all the time. Life isn’t about trying to be perfect. Life is about finding the beauty in the struggles and always staying true to who you are. My biggest flaw that i struggle with is that i get so excited over little ideas. I’ll rush into things without thinking about every little action and the bigger picture. I’ve learned rushing into things tends to have set backs and it takes longer to accomplish the main goal.

The busier i get the more i realize how important having good health is. Eating right, getting enough sleep and taking care of yourself. It’s easy to think “the faster and harder i work then i’ll meet my goals faster”. God has a plan and rushing to get there won’t change your path. There’s no getting around steps or halfway doing it to get it over with. The best quality to have it “patience”.  Trust that you’re going to end up where you’re suppose to be. One day you’re going to have all the happiness and joy you’re reaching for. Do the best you can but don’t stress. Enjoy life while you can and learn to live a little. Have faith in our God that you are not alone. It’s okay you’re not where you want to be yet. It’s okay you’re struggling through college and you’re barely making it by. All of that is okay because it’s preparing you for the unthinkable. It’s preparing you for the future you’re striving for.

Through these last few weeks in 2019 i encourage you to enjoy life. Finals are coming up, there’s tons of due dates at work and of course the stress that comes during the holiday season. Don’t allow these tough task to bring you down and overwhelm you. Enjoy where your currently at in life and praise Jesus for all the blessings given. There’s no rushing Gods plan but stay patient. Believe you’re on the right journey to getting where your meant to be within time.

“For i know the plans i have for you”// Jeremiah 29:11


-Raquel Rae 🙂

Raquel - Singer/Songwriter from Southern Illinois